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My presentations are each based on themes and topics from of one of my books. Each includes a  30 minute presentation including optional dip pen demo, Q & A and book signing.

Some schools/ libraries/ bookstores that have welcomed me:

Catlin Gabel, Portland OR

McDaniel High School, Portland OR


Irvington Elementary School, Portland OR


Riford Public Library, La Jolla, CA

Lent Elementary, Portland OR


Warwick's Bookstore, San Diego, CA

Tigard Elementary, Tigard OR


L'Etoile French Immersion School, Portland, OR

The Nueva School, Hillsboro, CA

Ocotillo Learning Center, Tucson, AZ

Green Bean Books, Portland OR

Powell's Books, Portland, OR

Please reach out if you would like more details!


"Your visit to our Pre-K class today was precious— we loved how you invited us into your studio world, and how you became a part of our school world. Thank you so much for the gift of your time and attention.  After an hour, our Pre-kindergarten students felt like they had known you forever, and continue to talk about you!  I was blown away by the little we saw of the kids’ work.  You may have launched some careers! "

- Marlyn Kimura, Librarian at The Nueva School

"You were a real pro with the kids.  Thank you for the generous time you gave our kids to share their stories."

-  Jody Decker, Ocotillo Learning Center


"We loved having Zoey visit our school.  She was personable, engaging, and inspired our students to write and draw.  The kids love looking for drawing sticks and thinking about how they can rethink everyday objects. Thank you for helping to motivate the next generation of authors and illustrators!"

- Katie Hurin, Catlin Gable School Librarian

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