School Visits

I love doing school visits via Zoom or in person and look forward to hearing from you!

"Your visit to our Pre-K class today was brilliant — we loved how you invited us into your studio world, and how you became a part of our school world... When I first read I Do Not Like Yolanda I knew it would be a winner.  You’ve nailed the outside/inside in words and art.  The subtleties of expression on Bianca’s face are brilliant.  I especially loved the visual references to San Francisco - like an inside joke.  Thank you so much for the gift of your time and attention.  After an hour, our Pre-kindergarten students felt like they had known you forever, and continue to talk about you!  "

- Marlyn Kimura, Librarian at The Nueva School

"I would not have guessed that was your fist school visit!  You were a real pro with the kids.  Thanks for the generous time you gave our kids to share their stories."

- Jody Decker, Ocotillo Learning Center